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Welcome to the website of The Worshipful Company of Engineers, one of the 31 ‘modern’ livery companies in the City of London formed in the last 80 years.

We are a fellowship of leading engineers (and partners) who meet, socialise and exchange cross-disciplinary thinking at prestigious city venues and support the Engineers Trust in its educational, engineering excellence, and charitable objectives.

Our members are all Chartered Engineers or Fellows of the Royal Academy of Engineering, and are from all the professional disciplines of engineering, technology and business. Liverymen of the Company are Fellows at least one of the Professional Engineering Institutions.

The Company works to promote and develop all aspects of the science, art and practice of engineering within a social and charitable ethos which is at the core of the Livery movement. This website should provide you with information about our activities. For any further information or for comments on the website content, please do not hesitate to contact the Engineers’ Office.

Colonel David Swann, Clerk

Latest News


Grenfell Tower - Dame Judith Hackett's Interim Report

Published / 15.2.18

Liveryman Dame Judith Hackett, Chair of EFF, was appointed by the Government to chair the independent review of building regulations and fire safety, following the Grenfell Tower disaster. Her Interim Report was published in December 2017 ( https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/independent-review-of-building-regulations-and-fire-safety-interim-report). This was discussed, along with parallel work by the Grenfell Expert Panel (which includes Peter Bonfield, CEO of BRE) and the Construction Industries Council at a meeting of The Foundation for Science and Technology (CEO, Liveryman Douglas Goodman) at The Royal Society on 24 January 2018.

The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee

Published / 15.2.18

The Company is a member of The Parliamentary and Scientific Committee which holds debates on a range of topics of interest to members of the Company. See http://www.scienceinparliament.org.uk/activities/programme/ – which includes a recent meeting on fire resistant materials with speaker Peter Bonfield. Liveryman are invited to attend these open debates. There is often a discussion dinner (at own cost) after debates.

Launch of "This is Engineering"

Published / 15.2.18

Liveryman, and President of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Dame Ann Dowling launched “This is Engineering” and delivered the first Regius Lecture in Engineering at Edinburgh on 24 January 2018 – see http://engineering150.eng.ed.ac.uk/news/school-of-engineering-launches-its-engineering150-celebrations/
The image at the top of the linked page shows Junior Warden Professor Gordon Masterton (Chair of the organising committee for the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the first Regius Chair of Engineering in the UK), Sir Tim O’Shea (Principal of Edinburgh University), Dame Ann Dowling, Professor Jason Reese (current Regius Chair of Engineering) and Professor Hugh McCann (Head of The School of Engineering).